Artist Statement

Gumby sculptures

My series of wood and found-objects sculptures, "Gumby Goes," are fanciful  images that explore a deeper, and sometimes darker, side of the human psyche.  The humorous clay animation character Gumby was portrayed engaging in fantastic adventures, sometimes magically transported to other places and to various historical times.  Thus, he became a recognized and influential cultural icon, which I use to explore various human psychological conditions.


Paleolithic Creatures sculptures

My series of stone sculptures, "Paleolithic Creatures," is an homage to our prehistoric ancestors, but also an exploration of the global influence of humans on our environment.   Cave walls, were the first canvases used by early humans to depict the animals that inhabited their world.  Their art had meaning and was used to teach about the real world and to express their emotions about the spiritual world.  Many animals depicted on the cave wall canvas are now extinct.  Modern humans have modified the planet and now must take on a stewardship role, otherwise we might face the permanence of extinction ourselves.  Extinction is forever.


Biographic Sketch

I learned art from my father, who was a Disney animator, fine arts painter, and later a commercial artist.  When I started college, I choose to become a geologist and spent years as a scientist conducting research while working at the U.S. Geological Survey and then as an environmental geologist while working as a consultant.  I returned to art later in life with a strong desire to paint and sculpt, channeling my emotional energy and love for the natural world into abstract form.  To further inspire my artistic development and connect with the fundamentals of metal, I have attended annual iron-pour and bronze-pour workshops conducted by luminary New Mexico teacher and sculptor D’Jean Jawrunner.


Professional Affiliations

Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, Los Angeles, California 


Exhibition History

Group Shows 


  • 2013 “Pop Uber Alles” - Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA; Juried by Dr. Timothy Potts (J. Paul Getty Museum).
  • 2014 "Cultural Excavation Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA; Juried by Elizabeth James (Cherry and Martin Gallery).
  • 2014 "Charmed and Strange" - The Brewery I-5 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Commentary by Andi Campognone (Director Lancaster Museum of Art and History).
  • 2014 "Aurora" - Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA, Juried by LAAA Board of Directors (Los Angeles Art Association).
  • 2015 "Back to the Roots" - SW Museum, Pasadena, CA, Juried by Jeanie Frias  (Arroyo Arts Collective).
  • 2015 "Salon Art Show" - Altadena Foundation, Altadena, CA, Juried by Edward Becket (artist) and Trevor Bryant (artist).
  • 2016 "Oasis" Millard Sheets Art Center, Pomona, CA, Curated by Thomas Canavan (Director, Millard Sheets Art Center).
  • 2016 "Countenance Divine" - Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA, Juried by Rick Royale, Royale Projects Contemporary Art.
  • 2017 "Beverly Hills Art Show", Beverly Hills, CA, by invitation from Peter Mays (Director, Los Angeles Art Association).
  • 2017 "Out There" - Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA, Juried by Francisco George and William Escalera.


Solo Shows 


  • 2016 "Extinction is Forever" - Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA, Juried by LAAA Board of Directors (Los Angeles Art Association).